Reinforce Your Roof With a Kingwood Roof Replacement Before Decorating It

Reinforce Your Roof With a Kingwood Roof Replacement Before Decorating It

Many homeowners look forward to decorating their roof for the holidays. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without bright lights and festive ornaments. But before you hang your favorite pieces, remember to check on your roof. It will bear the weight of your decor, so it’s important to reinforce it prior. If you need help with Kingwood roof replacement, Blue Ribbon Roofing is the name to call. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the holidays.

Secure Loose Shingles

Not all shingles have the same lifespan. Even if they were installed at the same time, some will outlast others. If you notice loose shingles, it’s time to nail them down. For your safety, we recommend hiring a Kingwood roofer. Reinforcing your shingles ensures no further damage is caused by hanging Christmas decorations. When getting ready for the holidays, it’s important that no weak shingles are left in place. Your roofer may also recommend applying cement on your shingles. This way, your edges hold in your shingles much more tightly.

Reinforce Your Flashing

Your flashing protects the most vulnerable parts of your home from water damage. When there is a storm, your flashing keeps the water from seeping into your home. Naturally, you want to make sure your flashing is completely functional. If your flashing has sustained further damage, you might consider Kingwood roof replacement. If there are cracks between your flashing, your Kingwood roofer may suggest patching them up using professional methods. The important thing is that your roof is water-proof in time for the holidays.

Check on Your Rafters and Trusses

Rafters and trusses are components of your roofing frame. They serve as the connection to your wooden roof deck. Reinforcing them is a must before you start hanging Christmas decorations. A roofer may apply construction adhesive on the edges of your rafters and trusses. This way, they will remain durable even with the extra weight from your decor.

Clean Out Your Gutters

It might seem like a simple task, but unclogging your gutters makes a whole world of difference. This is an essential step when reinforcing your roof. Clogged gutters plus Christmas decorations are a recipe for disaster. The stress from trapped water, along with the weight of decorations, may cause your roof to cave in. If the damage to your gutters has been extensive, contact a Kingwood roofing company to turn your roof as good as new.

Schedule a Kingwood Roof Replacement Today

When getting ready for the holidays, reinforcing your roof can save you from unnecessary stress. Blue Ribbon is here to provide safety in all seasons. Our job is to keep your home and family protected from the outside elements. We are the award-winning roofer you deserve. From Kingwood roof replacement to insurance estimates, you can trust us to take care of your roofing needs. Schedule a roof inspection with us today to experience the Blue Ribbon difference!

Myths vs. Facts About Katy Roof Replacement

Myths vs. Facts About Katy Roof Replacement

Roof maintenance is a big part of keeping your home safe and liveable. When it comes to Katy roof replacement, many homeowners are hesitant to start the job. Unfortunately, some roofing myths affect their decision. False information could compromise your roof and entire property. Blue Ribbon is here to provide the facts about keeping your roof’s structural integrity. 

Myth #1 – I can DIY a roof replacement.

Katy roof replacement isn’t just about fixing broken shingles or unclogging gutters. Many people try to do the job themselves in an effort to save money. Not only are they risking their safety, but they could be making their roof worse. While minor repairs can be done even without professional experience, roof replacement is more complicated. 

Fact #1 – Certain jobs require roofing experts.

A flawless roofing job requires in-depth knowledge of Katy roofing materials. Hidden Katy roof damage may be missed by the untrained eye. If you hire professionals, they will make sure to inspect other areas of your roof aside from the shingles. Components like your flashing, fascia, and soffit will be properly maintained. So when in doubt, call a Katy roofing contractor.

Myth #2 – Repairs are better than a replacement.

Some homeowners don’t feel the need for a complete roof replacement, especially if their roof isn’t past its lifespan. They assume that a Katy roof replacement is too expensive. They turn to band-aid results every time there is a problem. 

Fact #2 – It depends on the situation.

While it is true that you don’t need to get a roof replacement every time, in some cases, it is more cost-efficient. Roof repairs are effective for isolated damage. But when the problems extend to more than one component of your roof, replacing parts is the better option. You could be saving thousands of dollars if you choose the right solution from the get-go. A reliable Katy roofing contractor will recommend the proper course of action.

Myth #3 – Roof replacements take too long.

Our busy lives may prevent us from paying attention to our roof. Some homeowners think that too much of their time will be spent dealing with roofers. It’s understandable that they have other priorities to focus on, especially if the damage isn’t visible.

Fact #3 – Trusted roofers make the job seamless.

Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning roofer that provides top-quality services. We work efficiently so we don’t waste any time. Using our experience, we know exactly what to do in every step of our roofing job. You don’t have to worry about overseeing us. Allow us to take care of your roof while you focus on other matters.

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Our goal at Blue Ribbon Roofing is to provide safety in all seasons. We are guided by three principles in all Katy roof replacement, repair, and inspection services. First, we educate you through the entire process so you feel confident about the results. Next, we take ownership of every roofing job to make sure you are protected. Finally, we believe in always doing the right thing. If you have any roofing facts that you would like to confirm with us, we would be happy to answer you. Schedule a roofing inspection with us today!

Winner of the BBB Awards for Excellence for 12 Consecutive Years!

Winner of the BBB Awards for Excellence for 12 Consecutive Years!

Blue Ribbon Roofing upholds high standards when it comes to our Katy roof replacement and repair services. As such, we are proud to announce that we are the only company in the Houston chapter of the BBB to win the Award for Excellence for 12 consecutive years. This is an exciting moment for us! We work hard all year round to provide quality roofing services that you deserve. Keeping your home and loved ones safe from outside elements is our job. 

The Houston Chapter of the Better Business Bureau

Blue Ribbon Roofing BBB badge

Since its founding in 1912, the Better Business Bureau has provided consumers with a directory of reputable businesses. Its motto is to promote marketplace trust. The BBB rates companies based on their performance and reliability. It aims to help businesses adopt best practices in their industries. Blue Ribbon Roofing is accredited through the Houston Chapter of the Better Business Bureau. We have achieved an A+ rating with 0 complaints.

The Award-Winning Roofer You Deserve

Blue Ribbon Roofing is a recipient of the 2022 BBB Awards for Excellence. We are grateful to be recognized for our commitment to marketplace excellence. We hope our clients feel even more confident in choosing us as their Katy roofer. This marks our 12th consecutive year of winning the BBB award. We are the only roofing company in the Houston Chapter of the BBB to achieve this.

Experience the Blue Ribbon Difference

At Blue Ribbon Roofing, we are guided by three principles: education, ownership, and integrity. We believe in educating our clients through the entire process. Whether you hire us for Katy roof replacement or inspections, we make sure to leave you with more knowledge than you started. We take ownership of our work. In every roofing job we do, we treat the house as if it were our own. We believe in doing the right thing, no matter what. In addition, we are the preferred Katy roofer by countless insurance companies. We provide accurate and fair quotations when filing your insurance claims. 

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We would like to thank the Houston Chapter of the BBB for recognizing us as a reliable roofing company. Serving the Greater Houston area is a privilege. Our commitment to our clients will continue moving forward. We thank you for your trust in our Katy roof replacement, repair, and inspection services. Should you wish to learn more about our company, do not hesitate to contact us. You may also consult any type of Katy roof damage with us. Contact us today for a roof inspection! We look forward to serving you.

Why Blue Ribbon Roofing Is Best for Your Missouri City Roof Replacement

Why Blue Ribbon Roofing Is Best for Your Missouri City Roof Replacement

Is it a challenge choosing the right roofer for your Missouri City roof replacement? With thousands of contractors out there, it’s hard to find one that stands out. Blue Ribbon Roofing offers services that are a cut above the rest. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. With thousands of roofing jobs completed, we know what it takes to keep your home safe in all seasons. Read on to find more about the Blue Ribbon difference.

A Preferred Roofer by Insurance Companies

Blue Ribbon Roofing is an expert in roofing insurance claims. Countless insurance companies can vouch for us. We always believe in doing the right thing. If you need us to provide a quote for roof damage, we will do so in a fair and accurate way. We have good relationships with adjusters, and we have our clients’ best interests in mind. 

A Roofer Backed by Guarantees

In addition, we are backed by guarantees by top search engines. Every roofing project we have is backed by a $20,000 guarantee by Directorii. We are also a Google-guaranteed roofer with a $3,000-guarantee. You can have the confidence that we will fulfill each Missouri City roof replacement job under the highest standards. 

We Provide Extra Protection

Texas weather is one of the toughest. Ordinary water resistance isn’t enough to keep your roof sturdy all year round. We are a Missouri City roofer that offers Ice and Water Shield so you don’t have to worry about hail storms. You can rest easy knowing that your underlayment is able to withstand hurricane season. Moreover, standard roofing only uses four nails for shingle installation. We want to give you longer-lasting reinforcement, so we use six nails per shingle.

We Use Superior Materials

In every Missouri City roof replacement we do, we make sure to use the best materials. We install pre-cut starter row shingles around your perimeter. This adds extra wind protection for up to 110 miles per hour. We also use synthetic underlayment felt, which is more lightweight yet sturdier than traditional underlayment. The synthetic material is less likely to rip and is more durable.

We Offer Innovative Solutions

Cleaning up is an important step of any roof service. Hire a Missouri City roofer that puts extra care in making sure your house is clean after a job. There could be debris and other hazards lying around. Not to mention, roofing dirt is an eye sore. We use the revolutionary Catch-All netting system. This protects your property from damage during roof repairs. It also makes cleanup easier.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Missouri City Roof Replacement

Blue Ribbon Roofing offers a different, more effective solution to your roofing needs. We use our experience and top-quality materials to keep you and your family safe. Contact us today to schedule a Missouri City Roof Replacement. We look forward to serving you.

Jersey Village Roof Replacement FAQ

Jersey Village Roof Replacement FAQ

Many area residents are taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather we’ve experienced lately and investing in a Jersey Village roof replacement. Given that your roof is responsible for protecting your family and your home from the elements, a project of this scale requires a firm understanding of the process. Our Jersey Village roofer has assembled the answers to the most common questions our customers ask before beginning a Jersey Village roof replacement so you can understand the process for yourself.

When Should I Get a Jersey Village Roof Replacement?

There are two main factors to consider when determining if you need a Jersey Village roof replacement: condition and age. 

Condition and Extent of Jersey Village Roof Damage

While there are times in which Jersey Village roof repairs may suffice, the presence of significant roof damage like broken shingles, holes in your roof, and leaks around your home signal the need for a Jersey Village roof replacement.  A roof inspection with our Jersey Village roofer can help you determine the best course of action to keep your home protected.

Age of your Jersey Village Roof

Most asphalt roofs have a 15-20 year lifespan, depending on the materials and workmanship. If your roof is at or reaching this age, it is best to have us do a complete inspection to determine how much longer it can provide you and your property a sense of safety in all seasons. 

What Type of Roof Is Best for My Home and Budget?

The most popular type of roof is an asphalt shingle roof, and it comprises the majority of Jersey Village roof replacements we complete. Also known as composite shingles, they provide budget-friendly, reliable protection in a variety of colors and textures. While our Jersey Village roofer has access to a number of different products, we proudly recommend CertainTeed shingles for their sustainable and quality products. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with their beauty and durability in the face of our extreme climate.

Should I Replace My Entire Roof?

A home’s roofing system includes not only shingles, but also other crucial parts, such as the flashing and roof deck. Your flashing is important because it prevents water from entering your home by sealing the joints where the roof meets your chimney. Typically flashing will need to be replaced alongside your shingles as part of a complete Jersey Village roof replacement. Another important feature is your roof deck, which holds your shingles in place. If your roof deck is rotted and no longer able to protect your home from Jersey Village roof damage, it’s time to replace this component. 

Will Insurance Cover my Jersey Village Roof Replacement?

Blue Ribbon Roofing has years of experience with helping homeowners file roofing insurance claims. Because we are a certified company, many insurance adjusters meet with us to assess your roofing situation. We provide detailed reports with pictures so you can get the insurance coverage you deserve. We understand the stress you experience after a severe weather event. Allow us to alleviate some of that stress through our trusted Jersey Village roofing inspections that will help you with your insurance claim.

Why Choose Blue Ribbon for my Jersey Village Roof Replacement?

Your home is your safe haven, and it’s our job to keep it that way. As your Houston roofing company, we’ll keep you and your loved ones safe from the outside elements by educating you, taking ownership, and doing what’s right. If you’re ready to begin your Jersey Village roof replacement project, choose Blue Ribbon Roofing. We’re an award-winning company with an A+ by the Houston Better Business Bureau. We pride ourselves in helping our neighbors with strict planning, preparation, and execution, resulting in a beautiful Jersey Village roof replacement. Contact us today to get started!


Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning Houston roofer that takes pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right. Our roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection, and roof insurance estimate services will give you the roof you feel safest with.