Katy roof replacement with CertainTeed roof shingles

Why We Install CertainTeed Roof Shingles

Autumn is the perfect time to assess the condition of your Katy roofing and examine the severity of any roof damage your home may have sustained. As cooler temperatures settle into our region, a Katy roof replacement may be the best way to give you and your family security in all seasons. At Blue Ribbon roofing, we proudly use CertainTeed roof shingles because their superior quality ensures that your home is best protected from the elements. Keep reading to see why our Katy roofer trusts CertainTeed products for many of our Katy roof replacement projects.

Get a Blue Ribbon Roof with Warrantied CertainTeed Shingles 

If you’re in the market for a Katy roof replacement, the materials you choose are just as important as the company you choose to complete the project. Our region is infamous for severe weather that requires the best protection from potential storm roof damage. That’s why we proudly recommend CertainTeed Roofing shingles for many of our Katy roof replacement projects. CertainTeed shingles are some of the heaviest and most durable shingles on the market and, therefore, offer superior protection from the heavy rains and strong winds that are common to the Houston area. What’s more, CertainTeed roof shingles feature a lifetime limited warranty, whereas most other asphalt roof shingles only come with a 30 year labor warranty.  Their architectural shingles inherently carry a 110 mph wind warranty, but the use of CertainTeed hip and ridge with this product can upgrade your home to a 130 mph wind warranty.

Benefits of CertainTeed Shingles for your Katy Roof Replacement

We believe in educating you throughout the process of your Katy roof replacement, which is why we’ve assembled the following 

Shingle Weight

CertainTeed shingles are heavier than other products on the market, which means they’re better constructed to withstand Katy roof damage. That’s especially important in our extreme Texas climate.

Proven Protection

CertainTeed Roofing has been manufacturing quality roofing shingles for 40 years. In a competitive industry, only the highest quality products can build that kind of longevity. 

Third-Party Verification

CertainTeed roof shingles are verified by Underwriters Laboratory, an independent safety certification organization. Their products meet all wind test Class H standards, which measure tear strength, wind pull resistance, and wind uplift. 

Top Rated

CertainTeed shingles are regularly rated as the top choice of most roofing surveys and have been selected as a “Best Buy” product for Consumer Magazine for two years running.

Complete Coverage

One of the most important reasons we chose CertainTeed shingles to be a part of our product line is because they come with an enhanced lifetime warranty.

Our Award-Winning Katy Roofer Takes Ownership in your Project

When you get a Blue Ribbon roof, every detail counts. In order to bring you a reliable Katy roof replacement, we use not only superior materials, but also perform quality installation. Our Katy roofer was awarded the CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator Certification after proven expertise in workmanship, roof systems, estimating, flashing, and ventilation. This certification requires training and testing, and is bestowed upon less than 1% of roofing companies in the United States. When you’re ready to explore your Katy roof replacement options, give us a call! Blue Ribbon strives to provide you and your family security in all seasons.


Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning Houston roof replacement company that takes pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right. Our roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection, and roof insurance estimate services will give you the roof you feel safest with.