Frost on a roof's shingles

Signs of Jersey Village Winter Roof Damage

Extremely low temperatures are bad news for your home’s roof. Frozen water and winter debris are just some of the things to watch out for. Keep your home and family protected during winter with the help of Blue Ribbon. We provide safety in all seasons through our top-quality roofing services. Think you may have Jersey Village winter roof damage? Here are some signs that you need a roof repair.

Granule Loss

Do you ever notice sand-like deposits in your gutters? These are granules that have been stripped from your shingles, usually due to impact. Granules are crushed minerals bonded to the surface of your shingles. During winter, your shingles sustain damage from a number of ways. Low temperatures cause your roof to frost, and flying debris strikes your roof. Both of which lead to Jersey Village winter roof damage. Granule loss is hazardous because it weakens your shingles, which are your first line of defense. It can also clog your gutters to potentially destroy your home’s foundation. 

Formation of Ice Dams

Because of the fluctuating temperatures in Texas, ice dams are common in the area. An ice dam forms when frozen water melts as it comes into contact with heat. But before the melted water hits the ground, it refreezes on cold areas. Repeat the cycle a few times, and you get an ice dam on your roof. To prevent ice dams from harming the integrity of your roof, hire a Jersey Village roofer right away. They will make sure you have a reliable gutter and downspout system as well as proper insulation. These will ensure normal water flow so that ice dams can’t cause Jersey Village winter roof damage.

Leaks and Stains

Although we don’t experience heavy snowfall in the state, the extra moisture during winter can prove dangerous. If you haven’t had Jersey Village roof repair in a while, your home could be prone to leaks. Water enters the cracks of damaged roofing components. You’ll first notice stains in your attic then progress to the walls of your home. Water damage can lead to an array of other problems, such as mold growth, poor insulation, and roof collapse. Protect your family even before winter arrives by having Houston roof experts inspect your home.

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