Katy roofers performing needed Katy roof replacement

Roof Replacement Can Prolong Your Katy Roof

Spring is in the air! And while there is much to celebrate this time of year, we also need to be cautious and protect our homes from severe weather common during the spring months. Weather events like hail and heavy rains can be devastating to your Katy roofing, causing roof damage that requires replacement or even a complete Katy roof replacement. Thankfully, Blue Ribbon Roofing has the expertise you need to keep your roof in tip-top shape. We can identify and complete any needed Katy roof replacement, thereby prolonging the life of your roof. Keep reading to see what our Katy roofers recommend.

Katy Roof Replacement to Consider this Spring

Now that we’re moving into the warmer part of the year, we need to be prepared for the severe weather common to our area in the spring and summer, especially before the Atlantic hurricane season begins! These are some of the Katy roof replacement your may need:

Katy Roof Leak Solution

Existing Katy roof damage due to improperly installed shingles, critter damage, or punctured roofing from Katy wind damage can lead to water infiltration and roof leaks. This is especially true when heavy rain falls quickly. If you discover a roof leak, it needs to be addressed immediately or else it will only grow, leading to more extensive damage to the interior of your home as well as your roof.

Katy Shingle Replacement

Sometimes strong winds can lift and curl your shingles, leading to Katy roof damage that deserves your attention. If wind blows underneath lifted shingles, it not only leads to further problems down the road, but it also allows outside air inside your home, leading to increased energy bills. 

Chimney Flashing Replacement

Your chimney flashing keeps water out of your home by bridging the gap between your Katy roofing and your chimney. Should this chimney flashing become damaged or displaced by winds or rains, it requires immediate replacement before the next storm rolls through and puts your home at risk.

Entrust Your Katy Roof Replacement to Blue Ribbon Roofing

As we move to spending more time outside and make seasonal updates to our yards and patios, don’t overlook the importance of Katy roof replacement. While the beautiful weather we’ve experienced lately is worth celebrating, spring can easily turn usher in severe storms that cause Katy roof damage. We know you have many options for Katy roofing companies, so be sure you choose someone you can trust. At Blue Ribbon, our Katy roofers have the expertise and skill needed to properly identify roof damage and properly execute Katy roof replacement to safeguard your home this spring. Our award-winning team would be honored to serve you, so give us a call and schedule a roof inspection before the weather turns foul. We strive to provide all our customers with the protection and security they deserve, and we look forward to earning your business!


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