Dents on shingles from hail

Possible Roof Hail Damage? Get an Inspection Before Kingwood Roof Replacement

Hail doesn’t come in softball sizes every time. Sometimes, they can be as tiny as a pea, so you might not even notice that your area was hit by hail. Instead, you can watch out for signs of roof hail damage that suggest you need a Kingwood roof replacement. Once you spot them, you can request a roof inspection from Blue Ribbon Roofing to confirm your suspicions. The goal of our company is to provide you with safety in all seasons. Learn more about what you can expect from us if you have possible hail damage.

Dents on Your Shingles

When hail impacts your roof, your shingles won’t immediately come loose if they were installed properly by a Kingwood roofer. Instead, you will notice dark dents on your shingles in varying sizes, depending on the diameter of the hail stone. There will be no discernible pattern when hail hits your roof. You may also see shingle bruising, which leads to granule loss. If your gutters have sediments in them, chances are, your shingles no longer have their first protective layer.

Bent Roofing Parts

Apart from your shingles, hail can also impact your chimney, gutters, soffit boards, fascia, and all roofing parts that are exposed. You don’t even have to go up your roof to notice these. Even from the ground, if you see dings on your downspout, then you may have roof hail damage. In such cases, it’s a good idea to contact a reliable Kingwood roofing company to determine if you need a Kingwood roof replacement.

Leaks Inside the House

When hail hits your shingles, your flashing is left exposed, allowing water to enter your home. Do you suddenly have leaks around the house even if there was no recent hurricane? Hail could be the culprit. Once a large area of your shingles sustains Kingwood roof damage, it may be time for Kingwood roof replacement. The problem creates a domino effect, causing leaks to keep coming back.

What to Do With Hail Damage? Schedule a Roof Inspection to See if You Need a Kingwood Roof Replacement

Once you spot roof hail damage, don’t risk your safety by trying to fix the problem on your own. Contact a Kingwood roofer for a thorough inspection prior to getting Kingwood roof replacement. Blue Ribbon Roofing is Houston’s award-winning roofer that has over 50 years of combined experience. We’ve completed thousands of jobs, demonstrating integrity in every one of them. When you request an inspection from us, we will make sure of the following and more:

  • Complete assessment of the structural integrity of your roof
  • Making sure all your shingles are in good condition
  • Getting to the root cause of your leaks and addressing it
  • Inspection of all your roofing components
  • Checking if your drainage system is working properly

Schedule a Kingwood Roof Replacement  for Your Roof Hail Damage

After the initial inspection, we will give our honest recommendations on how to solve your Kingwood roof hail damage. Our job is to keep you safe in all seasons through our Kingwood roof replacement services. We will educate you throughout the process to help you make informed decisions. At Blue Ribbon Roofing, we take ownership of our work, treating your home as if it were our own. You can trust us to always do the right thing despite challenges that may come our way. Contact us today for a roof inspection


Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning Houston roof replacement company that takes pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right. Our roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection, and roof insurance estimate services will give you the roof you feel safest with.