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New Year, New Cypress Roof Replacement

As the year comes to a close, you begin to draw up new projects for the coming year. If Cypress roof replacement is part of your New Year’s resolution, then now is your chance to tick it off. Start 2023 with a freshly installed roof from a reliable roofing company. Rest assured that you are protected in the new year and beyond. Still not sure if it’s time for a roof replacement? Here are some signs to watch out for. 

Water Damage Around the House

Nobody wants to start their year with a leaky roof. If you notice brown or yellow stains on your ceiling and walls, it is a sign of water damage. This can be caused by a recent storm, extreme weather, or an aging roof. Trapped moisture can lead to serious problems in the long run. Your foundation weakens, and your roof could collapse.

Loose or Broken Shingles

One or two damaged shingles can be addressed with roof repair. But if you see several shingles out of place, it’s time for a Cypress roof replacement. Your shingles lose their granules for a number of reasons. Hail and debris damage are common culprits. Do not wait for shingle bruising to snowball; contact a reliable Cypress roofer to start the year.

Poor Insulation and Mold Growth

Have you noticed your insulation is not as good as it used to be? Perhaps your electricity bills have increased? Cracks and holes on your roof may be the cause. During the cold season, warm air inside your house escapes through the cracks. You may also have mold and fungi growth. This is a health hazard to your family that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Rust and Peeling

Not everyone has the time or knowledge to maintain their roof all year round. This is understandable. Rust often accumulates when Cypress roof damage is not repaired right away. Your shingles aren’t the only parts to watch out for. There may be rust in the under layers of your roofing system that can only be fixed with roof replacement. Peeling can also occur on poorly maintained roofs.

Your Roof Is Past Its Lifespan

Roofs are built to withstand changing weather conditions. However, they aren’t meant to last forever. A typical roof lasts between 15 to 30 years, depending on the materials and craftsmanship. If your roof is past this age, then it’s time to welcome the new year with a new roof. You’ll feel more protected knowing your roof is in its best shape yet.

Schedule a Cypress Roof Replacement Today

Start the new year with peace of mind knowing you have a sturdy roof above your heads. Blue Ribbon Roofing provides safety in all seasons through our award-winning roofing services. We educate you through the process so you feel confident that you’re in good hands. We take ownership of our work and believe in always doing the right thing. Contact us for quality Cypress roof replacement. Experience the Blue Ribbon difference today!


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