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Myths vs. Facts About Katy Roof Replacement

Roof maintenance is a big part of keeping your home safe and liveable. When it comes to Katy roof replacement, many homeowners are hesitant to start the job. Unfortunately, some roofing myths affect their decision. False information could compromise your roof and entire property. Blue Ribbon is here to provide the facts about keeping your roof’s structural integrity. 

Myth #1 – I can DIY a roof replacement.

Katy roof replacement isn’t just about fixing broken shingles or unclogging gutters. Many people try to do the job themselves in an effort to save money. Not only are they risking their safety, but they could be making their roof worse. While minor repairs can be done even without professional experience, roof replacement is more complicated. 

Fact #1 – Certain jobs require roofing experts.

A flawless roofing job requires in-depth knowledge of Katy roofing materials. Hidden Katy roof damage may be missed by the untrained eye. If you hire professionals, they will make sure to inspect other areas of your roof aside from the shingles. Components like your flashing, fascia, and soffit will be properly maintained. So when in doubt, call a Katy roofing contractor.

Myth #2 – Repairs are better than a replacement.

Some homeowners don’t feel the need for a complete roof replacement, especially if their roof isn’t past its lifespan. They assume that a Katy roof replacement is too expensive. They turn to band-aid results every time there is a problem. 

Fact #2 – It depends on the situation.

While it is true that you don’t need to get a roof replacement every time, in some cases, it is more cost-efficient. Roof repairs are effective for isolated damage. But when the problems extend to more than one component of your roof, replacing parts is the better option. You could be saving thousands of dollars if you choose the right solution from the get-go. A reliable Katy roofing contractor will recommend the proper course of action.

Myth #3 – Roof replacements take too long.

Our busy lives may prevent us from paying attention to our roof. Some homeowners think that too much of their time will be spent dealing with roofers. It’s understandable that they have other priorities to focus on, especially if the damage isn’t visible.

Fact #3 – Trusted roofers make the job seamless.

Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning roofer that provides top-quality services. We work efficiently so we don’t waste any time. Using our experience, we know exactly what to do in every step of our roofing job. You don’t have to worry about overseeing us. Allow us to take care of your roof while you focus on other matters.

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Our goal at Blue Ribbon Roofing is to provide safety in all seasons. We are guided by three principles in all Katy roof replacement, repair, and inspection services. First, we educate you through the entire process so you feel confident about the results. Next, we take ownership of every roofing job to make sure you are protected. Finally, we believe in always doing the right thing. If you have any roofing facts that you would like to confirm with us, we would be happy to answer you. Schedule a roofing inspection with us today!


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