Spring rain falls heavily on Jersey Village roofing, causing potential damage

Jersey Village Roof Damage Common in the Spring

While many people think of flowers, warmer weather, and family holidays when they think of spring, there are a number of less desirable associations that accompany this time of year. Hail, strong winds, and heavy rain are all quite common in the spring and are known to cause relatively severe Jersey Village roof damage. What’s worse, sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to identify spring roof damage, which often leaves it unaddressed until it worsens over time. When this occurs, you’re looking at a Jersey Village roof replacement or costly repairs. Keep reading to see the most common types of Jersey Village roof damage our Houston roofers see during the spring.

Signs of Jersey Village Wind Roof Damage

Spring fronts are often accompanied by strong winds that can stir up debris, whip underneath your shingles, and negatively impact the strength of your Jersey Village roofing. Look for these signs of Jersey Village wind roof damage:

  • Curling or Broken Shingles: this occurs when wind gets underneath shingles and causes them to curl upwards or, in the case of older roofs, break off entirely.
  • Clogged Gutters: wind tosses leaves, debris, and other items in your yard around, where they land in gutter systems and prevent water from running off your Jersey Village roofing during rainstorms.

Signs of Jersey Village Hail Roof Damage

Jersey Village hail damage is very common in the spring, as the storms common to this time of year are known to produce hail. These are the most common signs of Jersey Village hail damage:

  • Divots: When hail makes impact with your roof, it leaves circular marks on the surface of your shingles known as divots. Widespread divots cannot be repaired and require a complete Jersey Village roof replacement because the top layer of shingle granules has been knocked off, leaving your roof materials too weak to protect your home. 
  • Bruising: bruising is also caused by hail’s impact on your Jersey Village roofing, but it presents slightly differently in that it leaves a round mark on your shingles that is soft to the touch.

Other Signs of Springtime Jersey Village Roof Damage

In addition to wind roof damage and hail roof damage, there are other types of Jersey Village roof damage caused in the spring, such as:

  • Pest Damage: when insects and critters come out of hibernation, they are anxious to gain access to your home for sources of shelter and food. In order to gain access to your attic, they may chew through weak spots in your roof and cause interior damage that must be addressed immediately. 
  • Roof Leaks: Heavy rains can lead to a Jersey Village roof leak, especially if your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan or has already sustained damage. 

Our Award-Winning Houston Roofers Can Address Your Jersey Village Roof Damage

Blue Ribbon Roofing has your back when it comes to Jersey Village roof damage this spring. Whether you need a few repairs or a complete Jersey Village roof replacement, our team is here to make sure your home is better protected from the elements. Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection and trust our skilled Jersey Village roofers with your property.


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