Mission Bend roofer repairing shingles

Is It Time for Mission Bend Roof Repairs?

Roofs are not made to last forever. They are built to withstand weathering, but aging is inevitable. A roof’s lifespan varies, depending on the quality of materials used. Typically, your roof will last between 15 to 30 years. This may shorten if your area is frequently affected by storms. To minimize Mission Bend roof damage, hire only reliable and experienced contractors. This way, you can keep your family and property safe all year long. When do you know if it’s time for Mission Bend roof repairs? Read on to find out.

Check Your Interiors for Leaks

Water damage is the most obvious sign of Mission Bend roof damage. Leaks are a recipe for disaster when it comes to home maintenance. Moisture leads to mold and mildew, which are dangerous for your health. Leaks also compromise your home’s structural integrity. Water damage can destroy insulation, leading to higher electricity bills. Some causes of leaky roofs are:

  • Punctures in the roof membrane
  • Clogged, poorly maintained gutters
  • Poorly installed fixings
  • Damaged flashing and shingles
  • Damaged fascia and soffit

Check for Damaged Shingles

Broken shingles call for Mission Bend roof repairs. Don’t let loose and missing shingles go unattended, as they spread rapidly. They eat away at your house’s foundation, and you end up spending more. Bruising, denting, and missing granules are common types of shingle damage. If you notice any of these, it is time to contact roofing experts. Blue Ribbon offers top-notch Mission Bend roofing services. It is our job to keep you safe throughout every season. We perform comprehensive shingle inspections. This way, we can help you make informed decisions when it comes to roof maintenance.

Check for Roof Discoloration

Roof discoloration is a natural part of aging. Black streaks start to appear when a roof sheds its pigment. It becomes a red flag if you notice discoloration even though your roof is relatively new. In such cases, contact Mission Bend roof professionals as soon as you can. We can make the final diagnosis to determine what type of repairs you need. Algae also causes staining on your roof. Avoid pressure washing your roof on your own. Allow Blue Ribbon to take away your stress through our reliable Mission Bend roofing services.

Schedule an Appointment for Mission Bend Roof Repairs

At Blue Ribbon, we treat your roof as if it were our own. Your protection is at the top of our mind, which is why we always choose to do the right thing. If you are unsure if it’s time for Mission Bend roof repairs, allow us to educate you on the process. We will even help you get ready before sending one of our team members. Our goal is to make you feel confident that you are receiving the services that you deserve. Let us continue keeping your home a safe haven. Contact us today!


Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning Houston roofer that takes pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right. Our roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection, and roof insurance estimate services will give you the roof you feel safest with.