Roof damage that warrants a Kingwood roof replacement

How to Tell It’s Time for a Kingwood Roof Replacement

Fall is the perfect time to tackle home maintenance projects that you may have been putting off during the dog days of Texas summer heat. While you’re performing exterior upkeep, it’s wise to assess the condition of your Kingwood roofing in order to identify any issues that may warrant a Kingwood roof replacement. Our Kingwood roofers are here to make sure your home is protected from the elements, which is why we’ve assembled the following information so you know the signs of Kingwood roof damage and the best way to address it promptly so you and your home have safety in all seasons.

What is the Lifespan of your Kingwood Roofing?

Different Kingwood roofing materials have different lifespans, so it’s important to take this into account when determining the best time to invest in a Kingwood roof replacement. While many Houston-area roofs use asphalt shingles, Blue Ribbon Roofing offers other materials including metal, stone coated steel, concrete and clay tiles, and modified bitumen, all of which have different lifespans. Our award-winning Kingwood roof replacement company has the skills and experience to help you determine not only the age of your Kingwood roofing based upon the materials used to construct it, but also give you the most informed recommendations for which materials to use should you need to replace it.

Traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles have a 20 year lifespan, while higher-quality architectural or engineered shingles can last up to 50 years or more. We offer superior-grade CertainTeed shingles, and their Landmark line provides the best protection from temperamental Houston weather. This is the heaviest shingle in its class and comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 110 mph wind warranty.

Signs You Need a Kingwood Roof Replacement

All shingles need to be replaced eventually, either due to roof damage or deterioration over time. Our Kingwood roofers conduct professional roof inspections and may recommend a Kingwood roof replacement if the following problems are discovered:


Beneath your shingles lie support and decking that hold your Kingwood roofing in place. Should these structures sustain water damage or begin to rot, it can cause your roof to sag. This type of Kingwood roof damage should never be ignored and often signals the need for a Kingwood roof replacement.

Curled Shingles

If your roof is more than 10 years old, your shingles are more susceptible to curl or buckle after years of exposure to the sun, rain, and wind. Shingles that do not lie flat against your roof leave your home at risk for significant damage and cannot be repaired. 

Missing Shingles

Strong winds are relatively common this time of year and are known to cause Kingwood roof damage when they get underneath curled shingles. When this occurs, it can snap them off entirely, leaving portions of your Kingwood roofing exposed to the elements. This is the last kind of Kingwood roof damage you want to leave unaddressed during hurricane season, which is still in full swing.

Blue Ribbon’s Award-Winning Team iBrings you Safety in All Seasons

If you’re seeing the aforementioned issues and think it’s time to invest in a Kingwood roof replacement, there’s no better choice than our award-winning roofing company. We strive to educate you through the process, take ownership in our work, and always do the right thing in order to give you the best service available for your Kingwood roof replacement. Call us today to schedule your professional roof inspection at no cost to you. We’d be honored to show you why Blue Ribbon is the award-winning Kingwood roofing company you deserve. 


Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning Houston roof replacement company that takes pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right. Our roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection, and roof insurance estimate services will give you the roof you feel safest with.