Shingles damaged from the rain

How to Protect Your Mission Bend Roofing This Hurricane Season

Every hurricane season, homeowners worry if their roof is strong enough to withstand the harsh winds and strong rainfall. To feel more at ease, there are precautions you can take that will protect your Mission Bend roofing during a hurricane. Read on to learn more about how to keep your home safe.

Fix Broken Shingles

Now that hurricane season is here, it’s time to nail down any loose shingles. Wind speeds get intense during a storm, which may cause your shingles to fly away and leave your flashing exposed. To prevent this from happening, make sure all your shingles are secure and in good shape. If you notice even one shingle with cracks or granule loss, hire a Mission Bend roofer to do a quick fix before the next big storm.

Clean Your Gutters

Unclogging your gutters is a staple in home maintenance to ensure proper drainage during a hurricane. If your gutters are blocked with debris, you could flood out your basement or even damage your foundation. Your entire Mission Bend roofing is vulnerable to water damage as long as your gutters are not functioning properly.

Minimize Flying Debris

Hurricanes bring about flying debris that could impact your Mission Bend roofing and leave a hole for the rain to destroy your home. Although you can’t guarantee complete safety from debris, you could minimize your chances of getting hit. You can do this by trimming hanging branches, securing lawn furniture, and tying down outdoor accessories.

Buy Emergency Tarps

Even before hurricane season arrives, make sure you’ve bought tarps to cover your roof in case of an emergency. You never know when your Mission Bend roofing could get struck and leave you exposed to the bad weather. Although emergency Mission Bend roof repair is just a call away, it’s a good idea to cover your roof before help arrives. 

Get a Roof Inspection

The tips above will serve you well during a hurricane, but sometimes, there is hidden Mission Bend roof damage that the average homeowner will miss. To make sure this type of damage is addressed, schedule a roof inspection. Your Mission Bend roofer will do a thorough sweep of your entire roofing system. If needed, they will reinforce your flashing or the part responsible for keeping your home dry. They will also check your underlayments and insulation, two components not visible to the untrained eye. 

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