Houston-area roofer completing Kingwood roof replacement

How Often Should You Get a Kingwood Roof Replacement?

Kingwood’s proximity to the Gulf Coast means it is more susceptible to the threat of severe weather that causes Kingwood roof damage and, eventually, roof failure. Since your Kingwood roofing plays an important role in keeping your family and your home safe, you want it to be in great condition. But how can you know for sure that it’s time for a Kingwood roof replacement? And how long will new Kingwood roofing last before it needs to be replaced? Our team at Blue Ribbon Roofing is here to answer your questions!

Different Kingwood Roofing Materials Have Different Lifespans

One thing to take into account regarding the frequency with which you should replace your Kingwood roofing is the materials used to construct it. Although most projects in the Houston area require asphalt shingles, our award-winning Kingwood roof replacement company also offers other materials including metal, stone coated steel, concrete and clay tiles, and modified bitumen, all of which have different lifespans.

Traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles last around 20 years, while higher-quality architectural or engineered shingles can last up to 50 years or more. Our Kingwood roofers proudly offer and recommend CertainTeed’s Landmark line to those requesting the most durable materials. This is the heaviest shingle in its class and comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 110 mph wind warranty.

Signs That It’s Time For a Kingwood Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, even top-of-the-line shingles will need to be replaced eventually, either from wear and tear or roof damage. Our expert Kingwood roofers typically suggest a Kingwood roof replacement if the following problems are discovered:

Curled or Buckled roof shingles

Older shingles tend to curl or buckle after years of exposure to the sun, rain, and wind. Once shingles no longer lie flat against your roof, they are damaged beyond repair and, worse, exposing your property to the elements. 

Missing Shingles

When the wind gets underneath curled shingles, it can snap them off entirely, leaving bald spots on your Kingwood roofing. This is the last kind of Kingwood roof damage you want to leave unaddressed during hurricane season.


If your Kingwood roofing is sagging, you may have rotting supports or decking. This is often caused by moisture build-up or water infiltration, which also requires your attention. 

Trust Our Award-Winning Roofers with Your Kingwood Roof Replacement

If this information has led you to believe it’s time for a Kingwood roof replacement, there’s no better choice for your home than Blue Ribbon Roofing. Our award-winning roofing company is known for our integrity, superior customer service, and skilled roofers. Call our office today and schedule your Kingwood roof inspection. This free service allows our professional roofers to determine your roof’s condition and help you decide if it’s time for a Kingwood roof replacement. We know there are many Kingwood roofing companies from which to choose, so give us a chance to show you why so many consider Blue Ribbon to be the very best.


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