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How Often Should You Get a Katy Roof Replacement?

When you have high-quality roofing materials installed, you will be well-protected for decades to come. But how long exactly before you need a Katy roof replacement? By working with Blue Ribbon Roofing, you’re provided with safety in all seasons. Accredited by CertainTeed as a Master Shingle Applicator, we flawlessly install different types of shingles. Read on below to know how long these shingles will last.

Lifespan of Different Roofing Materials

Keep in mind that a roof’s lifespan will vary from home to home, depending on certain factors. If you perform regular maintenance, your shingles will last longer than others. Your Katy roofer recommends at least two roof inspections a year for higher longevity. Another factor to consider is your geographic location. If you live in an area prone to harsh weather, such as hurricanes, hail, and drought, then you may need Katy roof replacement more often than others. But generally speaking, here’s how long different shingles will last.

Architectural Shingles

One of the most popular Katy roofing materials are architectural shingles, which mimic the timeless look of traditional shake and slate. They’re more practical than wood because they aren’t a fire hazard and they are easier to install/maintain. On an average, architectural shingles will last 30 years before you need a Katy roof replacement. Blue Ribbon Roofing installs CertainTeed architectural shingles that have heavier, thicker slabs. Their landmark line has a lifetime warranty.

Metal Shingles

Metal roofing is another practical choice because it is energy-efficient and easy to maintain. Metal shingles provide excellent insulation in both cold and warm weather, saving you money on electricity bills. To top it off, this type of Katy roofing can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years.

Stone Coated Steel

As the name suggests, this type of shingle is made of steel sheets that have been coated with stone granules. Stone-coated steel shingles were built to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it. They can also last for 40 to 70 years before you need a Katy roof replacement.

Concrete and Clay Tiles

Both are highly durable types of Katy roofing that provide an extra layer of protection and strength. They are a great investment and add to the market value of your property. Concrete tiles typically last for 50 years, while clay tiles may last you up to 100 years.

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