Snowfall on a roof

How Does Winter Affect Your Roof and Do You Need Cypress Roof Repair?

Winter is that time of the year when temperatures drop and water around your property freezes. Extreme cold is not the best thing to happen to your roof. Fortunately, compared to other US states, Texas gets milder winters. This doesn’t mean that your roof is completely off the hook. Homeowners should still be aware of the damage that cold weather can cause and how Cypress roof repair can fix this. If you’re looking to do some home improvement, here’s what to watch out for during winter.

Damage From Melted Ice

Ice dams are a common culprit of Cypress roof damage during the cold season. These start as frozen water on your roof, which then melt from the changing temperatures. The melted ice drips down your roof and freezes again. Ice dams are an issue because they can clog your gutters or get trapped along the edges of your roof. They can also enter cracks on your roof, resulting in water damage. If you notice leaks and stains around your house, they can be caused by ice dams. If this happens, it’s time for Cypress roof repair.

Damage From Snow Loads

Even if you don’t get heavy snow in your area, frozen water on your roof may still cause it to collapse. Roofs that are past their lifespan or in need of Cypress roof repair are more vulnerable. Your roof may cave in from large amounts of water that freeze at the top. Prevent this by contacting a Cypress roofer who can get your roof in the best shape even during winter. They can check every roofing component to make sure all is structurally sound even with added weight.

Damage From Strong Winds

Rainy storms during winter are common and bring about strong winds. High wind velocity can cause Cypress roof damage in a number of ways. Winds carry debris, like leaves and tree branches, that can impact your roof hard. They may leave holes and bruise your shingles. Winter winds can also straight up peel off your shingles and tiles. If you suspect that your roof is at risk, contact a roofing company to do Cypress roof repair right away.

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