When is it Time For Cypress Roof Replacement

When is it Time For Cypress Roof Replacement

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. That’s why every homeowner should always be on the lookout for even the smallest signs of Cypress roof damage. Even the smallest sign of wear and tear on your roof could be evidence of a greater problem that needs to be addressed at once. If you suspect that you may be in need of Cypress roof replacement, contact our award-winning specialists at Blue Ribbon Roofing for an expert assessment of your Cypress roofing needs.

Cypress Roof Damage Comes in Many Forms

There are many different kinds of damage that can happen to your Cypress roofing. Some are immediately obvious, such as loose, cracked, or even broken tiles and shingles. Other forms, such as water damage, cracks, punctures, and structural issues may lie silently in wait until they rear their ugly heads at the very moment your roof is tested by extreme weather. Even age is an often-overlooked factor, as materials and components in your roof are left in place long after their useful lifespans have passed. We understand that searching for Cypress roof damage in your home is a big responsibility, which is why when you give us a call, we’ll send over a team with years of experience in inspecting and assessing your roofing needs.

Don’t Delay Getting Your Cypress Roof Replacement

Between hurricane season and the increased amount of extreme weather events occurring every year, your Cypress roofing can be tested to its limits at a moment’s notice. The cost of having your roof fail is many times the cost of replacing it beforehand. This is why you can’t delay finding and fixing whatever Cypress roof damage your home may already have. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a Cypress roofer such as Blue Ribbon Roofing that will get the job done with quality and integrity throughout the whole process.

Blue Ribbon Roofing is the Cypress Roofer You can Trust

Our top priority is always to make sure that any Cypress roof replacement we make to your home are done to the highest standards of excellence and customer satisfaction. Quality begins with our top-notch team, which emphasizes transparency in all our communications with you from the moment you give us a call to the time we finish the job. We also use only the highest quality materials and put them in the hands of skilled and experienced craftsmen who are passionate about delivering first-class work. Schedule an inspection with us and see for yourself. 

How to Prepare your Mission Bend Roof for Hurricane Season

How to Prepare your Mission Bend Roof for Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1st, so Gulf Coast residents should begin preparing for the potential for severe weather as soon as possible, just in case the next big storm strikes the Houston area. Because Mission Bend hurricane roof damage can be catastrophic, it’s imperative to secure your home and ensure the stability of your Mission Bend roofing by following the advice offered below.

Ways to Protect Against Mission Bend Hurricane Roof Damage 

If you haven’t already done so, take these steps to protect you Mission Bend roofing from possible hurricane damage:

Trim Low-Hanging Branches

Hurricane-force winds have the potential to cause serious damage, so any tree branches that appear unstable or hang too low over your home can lead to Mission Bend roof damage. Even minor wind gusts can rip branches from a tree and send them crashing toward the surface of your Mission Bend roofing. Hire a licensed and  reputable arborist to trim low-hanging branches on your property so that your home is not subjected to unnecessary risk if a hurricane strikes.

Stow Loose Items

Items such as lawn decor, patio furniture, and toys can easily become projectiles in windy conditions. Find a place to store these items in the event that a hurricane is forecast to threaten our region. Should loose debris be sent hurtling toward the surface of your Mission Bend roofing, they can puncture your shingles and lead to costly interior damage in addition to Mission Bend hurricane roof damage. 

Schedule a Professional Mission Bend Roof Inspection

The best way to guarantee your roof can sustain the Mission Bend roof damage most commonly associated with hurricanes is to schedule a professional roof inspection with a reputable Mission Bend roofing company. Should this inspection reveal the need for a full Mission Bend roof replacement, you’ll have the opportunity to address it early in the Atlantic hurricane season instead of waiting until the damage is already done.

Protect your Home with a Mission Bend Roof Replacement

Given our proximity to the Gulf Coast and the threat of Mission Bend hurricane roof damage, the importance of a strong and stable roof should not be dismissed. Older roofs reaching the end of their life spans may not be able to withstand the strong winds or heavy rains that often accompany hurricanes. If it’s been more than 10 years since your roof was installed, a Mission Bend roof replacement may be your best defense against hurricane damage. The same holds true if an inspection reveals Mission Bend roof damage. Even minor roof damage can become a major problem if it isn’t properly addressed, especially during hurricane season.

Avoid Mission Bend Hurricane Roof Damage with Blue Ribbon

With the Atlantic hurricane season in full swing, homeowners should secure their Mission Bend roofing as soon as possible. If you want to make sure your home is protected from the next big storm, schedule a professional inspection with our Mission Bend roofers today. Your safety and security is our top priority!

Why We Are The Best Jersey Village Roof Replacement Company For You

Why We Are The Best Jersey Village Roof Replacement Company For You

Every homeowner will need a re-roof at some point. On average, a Houston roof replacement is needed every 10-15 years, but this can vary depending on various factors. While there are plenty of Jersey Village roof replacement companies out there, not all of them take their role as seriously as they should. Keep reading to learn of the many benefits of working with our Jersey Village roofers.

Our Jersey Village Roofers Value Integrity Above All

Unfortunately, the roofing industry has a questionable reputation, so we’ve made it our mission to be a trustworthy expert whenever you need to be certain that your roof is in good shape. We treat your home as if it were our own–with the utmost respect, care, and attention to detail. Taking ownership is important to us, so if we find an issue during the roof replacement process, we’ll be sure to tell you and take care of it immediately.

Expert Installation Ensures a Seamless Jersey Village Roof Replacement

Our highly-skilled Jersey Village roofers receive rigorous training and education in order to know the industry’s best practices for proper Jersey Village roofing installation. Our track record of proven success and customer satisfaction shows that our workmanship stands the test of time because not only do we execute flawless roof shingle installation, but we also use superior materials designed to offer the best protection possible for your roofing system.

An Award-Winning Jersey Village Roofer

Our name isn't Blue Ribbon roofing for nothing. When you trust our team with your home, we take that responsibility seriously. We maintain transparent and open communication, so you know exactly what you’re getting with your Jersey Village roof replacement. That’s why we have an A+ by the Houston Better Business Bureau for 11 years in a row, as well as numerous 5-star reviews on Google. What’s more, we were voted Best Roofing Company in Katy in 2019 and received Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2019 and 2020. These accolades are indicative of our dedication to customer service, satisfaction, and quality.

Trust Blue Ribbon Roofing with Your Jersey Village Roof Replacement

When you’re ready to start on your Jersey Village roof replacement, please contact us so you can book an appointment with one of our exemplary Jersey Village roofers. We’ll conduct a professional roof inspection and provide an estimate based on our findings. You’re in good hands when you choose Blue Ribbon roofing!

Recent Storm? You May Need Kingwood Roof Replacement

Recent Storm? You May Need Kingwood Roof Replacement

The Gulf Coast region is known for its volatile weather, so when thunderstorms roll through Houston, they tend to be severe. For that reason, it’s wise to check for signs of Kingwood roof damage following a storm, as your Kingwood roofing may be in need of replacement. Here, we’ll discuss what you should look for following a severe weather system and what you can do to keep your home protected from the next storm that rolls through.

Signs of Kingwood Storm Roof Damage

Recent storms have led many homeowners to check their Kingwood roofing for these signs of storm roof damage so they can make the roof replacement if necessary:

Broken or Missing Shingles 

One of the more obvious signs of Kingwood storm roof damage, broken or missing shingles can put your home at risk for serious problems. Strong winds are typically responsible for this type of Kingwood roof damage, especially on older roofs. Should you discover cracked and broken shingles, or patches of shingles that are missing altogether, it’s time to call our Blue Ribbon roofer to make replacement or, if the roof damage is severe, install a Kingwood roof replacement

Leaks and Water Damage

If there’s an opening on your Kingwood roofing, water will get inside and cause interior damage. Roof leaks can make those openings larger, which will make the damage more extensive. In order to break this vicious cycle, you need our Kingwood roofer to locate the source of the leak and relacement it immediately. 

Divots from Hail Damage

Spring storms are often accompanied by hail, which can do some serious damage to your Kingwood roofing. The impact of hailstones against your shingles can leave circular indentations and knock granules loose. While hail roof damage typically requires a full Kingwood roof replacement, if there are only a few shingles affected or the damage was minor, our team can complete the roof replacement for you.

The Older the Roof, The Weaker the Protection!

Most roofs are designed to last around 20 years. But thanks to wild conditions near the coast, roofs in our area tend to wear out much sooner. If it’s been more than 10 years since your last Kingwood roof replacement, your home may be at risk because your roof lacks the stability and strength to protect it from the elements. Issues like brittle shingles that can easily crack and break in stormy conditions and roof buckling are signs that you should probably look into new Kingwood roofing. Because these types of roof damage are a result of the materials themselves deteriorating with time, they signal that the time is right for a Kingwood roof replacement.

Entrust Blue Ribbon with your Kingwood Roof Replacement

If your Kingwood roofing has sustained recent storm damage, call us to schedule a professional inspection. One of our skilled Houston roofers will come to assess the condition of your roof and make recommendations based upon those findings that will help keep your home protected when the next storm rolls in. 

Roof Damage Common in the Spring: Do You Need a Jersey Village Roof Replacement?

Roof Damage Common in the Spring: Do You Need a Jersey Village Roof Replacement?

While many people think of flowers, warmer weather, and family holidays when they think of spring, there are a number of less desirable associations that accompany this time of year. Hail, strong winds, and heavy rain are all quite common in the spring and are known to cause relatively severe Jersey Village roof damage. What’s worse, sometimes it can be difficult for homeowners to identify spring roof damage, which often leaves it unaddressed until it worsens over time. When this occurs, you’re looking at the possibility of a Jersey Village roof replacement. Keep reading to see the most common types of Jersey Village roof damage our Houston roofers see during the spring.

Signs of Jersey Village Wind Roof Damage

Spring fronts are often accompanied by strong winds that can stir up debris, whip underneath your shingles, and negatively impact the strength of your Jersey Village roofing. Look for these signs of Jersey Village wind roof damage, which, if severe enough, may require a Jersey Village roof replacement:

  • Curling or Broken Shingles: this occurs when wind gets underneath shingles and causes them to curl upwards or, in the case of older roofs, break off entirely.
  • Clogged Gutters: wind tosses leaves, debris, and other items in your yard around, where they land in gutter systems and prevent water from running off your Jersey Village roofing during rainstorms.

Signs of Jersey Village Hail Roof Damage

Jersey Village hail damage is very common in the spring, as the storms common to this time of year are known to produce hail. These are the most common signs of Jersey Village hail damage:

  • Divots: When hail makes impact with your roof, it leaves circular marks on the surface of your shingles known as divots. Widespread divots cannot be repaired and require a complete Jersey Village roof replacement because the top layer of shingle granules has been knocked off, leaving your roof materials too weak to protect your home. 
  • Bruising: bruising is also caused by hail’s impact on your Jersey Village roofing, but it presents slightly differently in that it leaves a round mark on your shingles that is soft to the touch.

Other Signs of Springtime Jersey Village Roof Damage

In addition to wind roof damage and hail roof damage, there are other types of Jersey Village roof damage caused in the spring, such as:

  • Pest Damage: when insects and critters come out of hibernation, they are anxious to gain access to your home for sources of shelter and food. In order to gain access to your attic, they may chew through weak spots in your roof and cause interior damage that must be addressed immediately. 
  • Roof Leaks: Heavy rains can lead to a Jersey Village roof leak, especially if your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan or has already sustained damage. 

Our Award-Winning Houston Roofers Can Address Your Roof Damage With Jersey Village Roof Replacement

Blue Ribbon Roofing has your back when it comes to Jersey Village roof damage this spring. If you need a Jersey Village roof replacement, our team is here to make sure your home is better protected from the elements. Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection and trust our skilled Jersey Village roofers with your property.

Roof Replacement Can Prolong Your Katy Roof

Roof Replacement Can Prolong Your Katy Roof

Spring is in the air! And while there is much to celebrate this time of year, we also need to be cautious and protect our homes from severe weather common during the spring months. Weather events like hail and heavy rains can be devastating to your Katy roofing, causing roof damage that requires replacement or even a complete Katy roof replacement. Thankfully, Blue Ribbon Roofing has the expertise you need to keep your roof in tip-top shape. We can identify and complete any needed Katy roof replacement, thereby prolonging the life of your roof. Keep reading to see what our Katy roofers recommend.

Katy Roof Replacement to Consider this Spring

Now that we’re moving into the warmer part of the year, we need to be prepared for the severe weather common to our area in the spring and summer, especially before the Atlantic hurricane season begins! These are some of the Katy roof replacement your may need:

Katy Roof Leak Solution

Existing Katy roof damage due to improperly installed shingles, critter damage, or punctured roofing from Katy wind damage can lead to water infiltration and roof leaks. This is especially true when heavy rain falls quickly. If you discover a roof leak, it needs to be addressed immediately or else it will only grow, leading to more extensive damage to the interior of your home as well as your roof.

Katy Shingle Replacement

Sometimes strong winds can lift and curl your shingles, leading to Katy roof damage that deserves your attention. If wind blows underneath lifted shingles, it not only leads to further problems down the road, but it also allows outside air inside your home, leading to increased energy bills. 

Chimney Flashing Replacement

Your chimney flashing keeps water out of your home by bridging the gap between your Katy roofing and your chimney. Should this chimney flashing become damaged or displaced by winds or rains, it requires immediate replacement before the next storm rolls through and puts your home at risk.

Entrust Your Katy Roof Replacement to Blue Ribbon Roofing

As we move to spending more time outside and make seasonal updates to our yards and patios, don’t overlook the importance of Katy roof replacement. While the beautiful weather we’ve experienced lately is worth celebrating, spring can easily turn usher in severe storms that cause Katy roof damage. We know you have many options for Katy roofing companies, so be sure you choose someone you can trust. At Blue Ribbon, our Katy roofers have the expertise and skill needed to properly identify roof damage and properly execute Katy roof replacement to safeguard your home this spring. Our award-winning team would be honored to serve you, so give us a call and schedule a roof inspection before the weather turns foul. We strive to provide all our customers with the protection and security they deserve, and we look forward to earning your business!


Blue Ribbon Roofing is an award-winning Houston roof replacement company that takes pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right. Our roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection, and roof insurance estimate services will give you the roof you feel safest with.