A roofer inspecting a roof

The Importance of a Professional Inspection Before Jersey Village Roof Replacement

Roofs aren’t meant to last forever. You soon realize that you need a new roof to protect your family and belongings from the harsh weather. If you’re considering getting a roof replacement, then you’re already off to a good start. But before booking a Jersey Village roof replacement, make sure to get a professional roof inspection for the reasons below.

Detects Hidden Damage

Some homeowners tend to assess their Jersey Village roofing situation by doing an ocular from the ground. But usually, it’s not enough to look up at your roof and call it a day if you don’t see any problems. There are a series of possible hidden damage that’s not visible to the untrained eye. This is where a professional roof inspection comes in. Your roofer will be able to detect issues in trapped moisture, insulation, drainage, and more. 

Prevents Damage From Worsening

During your roofer’s thorough assessment, they’ll look into all the layers of your roofing. This means that they can catch minor issues before they even become significant. Roof damage tends to snowball when left unaddressed. By getting a Jersey Village roof replacement early on, you’ll save thousands of dollars and hours of labor.

Helps File Insurance Claims

Insurance companies tend to be strict when it comes to filing your claim. They require you to get a professional roof inspection even if your home was clearly affected by a natural disaster. Once your Jersey Village roofer provides his accurate quote, you can then schedule an appointment with the insurance adjustor. The two will communicate on the extent of the damage and how much a Jersey Village roof replacement will cost. Once your claim is approved, work can begin on your new roof.

Protects Warranty Coverage

Is your roof still under warranty? Be wary of whom you let up your roof to perform replacement. Some manufacturers can void your warranty if your roof has been tampered with. Their only exception is when the workers come from a professional roofing company. After an assessment by all parties involved, your roof can start going back to its best state.

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