Damaged shingles on a roof

Signs You Need a Mission Bend Roof Replacement: How to Spot Trouble

Not all roofing issues can be seen by the naked eye—some damage lies beneath the layers that are often overlooked. A sagging or rotting roof is an obvious call for a Mission Bend roof replacement. Aside from what can be seen from the ground, there are other signs to know if you’re due for a roofing service. To protect your family and belongings, here are some roof problems to watch out for.

Leaks and Stains in Your Home

A tell-tale sign that you need a Mission Bend roof replacement is if you have leaks around the house. You may notice brown stains on your ceiling, walls, and attic. This indicates water damage due to a hole or crack in at least one of your roofing components. Trapped moisture is a breeding ground for mold, algae, and fungi—all of which put your health at risk. Make sure to get the necessary replacement at the first sign of a leak.

Damaged or Loose Shingles

Your shingles are your first line of defense against the harsh weather. They’re one of the first to take a beating from storms, extreme heat, and wear and tear. If you suspect that at least one of your shingles has been damaged, it’s best to get a Mission Bend roof replacement. This way, your roofing issue doesn’t snowball into something more serious and expensive. Also pay attention to granules in your gutter, as they may indicate bruising on your shingles. 

Clogged Gutters

The last thing you want is flooding inside your home, especially during a hurricane. Blocked gutters have the potential of ruining your home’s foundation and costing you thousands of dollars. If you know your gutter system is backed up, you can hire a Mission Bend roofer to perform the necessary replacement. Having a fully functioning drainage system is one of the basics of home maintenance.

High Energy Bills

Are you suddenly experiencing odd temperatures inside your home? Did your electricity bills increase without a good explanation? This could be a sign of a faulty insulation system caused by hidden Mission Bend roof damage. There are many components to your roof that need to stay in top shape, such as your flashing, soffit boards, fascia, and more. Contact a roofing company to perform a thorough inspection to make sure your insulation is running smoothly.

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