Hailstone sitting on Katy roofing surface

Signs of Katy Roof Hail Damage

Did you know that in Houston, hail is more common in the spring than at any other time of year? As a result, Katy roof hail damage is more common this time of year as well, and it’s imperative that you know how to identify it in order to protect your home. Our skilled and experienced Katy roofers have assembled this detailed list of Katy roof hail damage signs that can help you address this damage as soon as it occurs, thereby keeping you and your family safe this spring. 

Understanding How Katy Hail Occurs

The reason spring is considered prime hail season is due in large part due to the temperature of the air. Hail is formed when water droplets freeze inside the upper, colder portion of storm clouds. Their weight causes them to drop lower before the storm’s updraft pushes them back up and another layer of water freezes over the hailstone. This process is repeated until the hailstones become too heavy or the storm’s updraft slows, at which time they fall to the ground. The larger the hailstone, the more impact it makes upon whichever surface it lands. 

How to Identify the Signs of Katy Roof Hail Damage

As previously mentioned, the larger the hailstone, the stronger the impact. And the stronger the impact, the more significant the Katy roof damage. But even smaller hailstones have been known to cause severe hail roof damage that should not be ignored. Here are the most common ways to identify hail damage to your Katy roofing:


The most recognizable hail roof damage, divots are circular marks on the surface of your shingles. These circles are formed when hail makes impact with your Katy roofing and the top layer of granules is removed, leaving a divot behind. These divots will eventually grow, removing more granules from your shingles and rendering them ineffective. This type of Katy roof hail damage requires you to replace your Katy roof


Bruises are soft spots left on your shingles as a result of hail impacting your Katy roof. These bruises affect the structural integrity of your shingles and then decking upon which they rest. Therefore, you should always replace shingles that have sustained this type of Katy hail roof damage. 

Granules in your Gutters

Your Katy roof is made up of individual shingles, the top layer of which is composed of granules. These granules must be present for your shingles to be able to protect your home. When hail drops on the surface of your Katy roofing, it causes shingle granules to come loose and wash away, ending up in your gutters. We typically encourage our clients to check their gutters for evidence of shingle granules after each major storm, as this is a sign that your Katy roofing has sustained hail damage.

Blue Ribbon Roofing Can Address Your Katy Roof Hail Damage 

If you’re seeing these signs of Katy roof hail damage, it should not be ignored. Failure to address these problems could result in additional Katy roof damage now that the structural integrity of your roof may be compromised. Our Katy roofers would be glad to meet with you and inspect your roof, so schedule your appointment with us as soon as possible.


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