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Roof Damage Common During Hurricane Season That Might Require Katy Roof Replacement

Hurricane season starts in June and ends on the last day of November. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasts 14 to 21 storms for 2022, 6 to 10 of which may become hurricanes with wind speeds of 74 mph or higher. In this article, our Houston roof experts will discuss the signs of common roof damage that occurs during hurricane season that you should look out for, since you might need Katy roof replacement as a result.

When Should You Get a Katy Roof Replacement

During this season, homeowners should be vigilant in monitoring the condition of their roofing system. Katy roof replacement should be scheduled immediately, should you see the following signs below to prevent further damage:

Katy Wind Roof Damage

With hurricane-force winds, you should watch out primarily for Katy wind roof damage. Homeowners should look out for curling or buckling and peeling shingles. Peeling shingles is a clear sign that winds have penetrated the roof layers and have started to lift the shingles. Curling or buckling of shingles occurs due to extreme heat, natural wear and tear, and excessive moisture absorption. This can also be worsened by strong winds. You should also watch out for damage to your chimney and its flashing. Tell-tale signs are a crooked or tilted chimney and water seepage from a broken chimney flashing. If you exhibit any or all of these signs, then it's imperative you contact our roofer so we can conduct an inspection and determine if Katy roof replacement is needed.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are an obvious sign that your roofing system has sustained roof damage. Left unaddressed for too long, this extensive water damage may require a Katy roof replacement. 


Strong winds can also bring debris that can end up on your roof. Large objects such as tree branches can damage the shingles and leave it vulnerable to further damage from wind and moisture. After a storm, your roof should be cleared of debris immediately and assessed for possible Katy roof damage it has sustained.

Assessing for Katy Roof Damage and Katy Roof Replacement 

After a storm hits, homeowners should visually assess their roofing system and look for signs of damage. Of course, always practice safety first. While you may be able to spot damage in a few spots on your roof, it's best to get a professional roofing company to inspect your entire roof to be sure of the level of damage. We may recommend a full Katy roof replacement if it's better for your roof.

Our Houston Roof Experts Can Assess Katy Roof Damage

If you have noticed any of the damage mentioned above then your roofing system may be due for a Katy roof replacement. A well-maintained roof not only ensures that you and your loved ones are protected from the worst of the hurricane season but it also keeps the maintenance costs to a minimum. Please contact us to inspect your roof and make recommendations. Here at Blue Ribbon Roofing, we take pride in educating homeowners, taking ownership of our job, and doing what’s right.


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