Kingwood Roof Replacement After Winter

Kingwood Roof Replacement After Winter

Spring is near, which means warmer temperatures will grace us once again–a much-needed break from the frequent cold fronts we’ve endured this year. In this article, we will discuss Kingwood roof replacement that will reinforce your roofing system, considering it has likely sustained winter damage.

Kingwood Roof Replacement You Should Get After Winter

Houston’s winters bring plenty of cold and wind damage. It’s important to get this damage addressed with Kingwood roof replacement so you can go into the spring with a well-enforced roof you can trust to remain sturdy as we brace for more winds (don’t forget that hurricane season and hail season start in the spring!) In Kingwood, we often recommend the following types of roof replacements:

Kingwood Leak Roof Replacement

Rainstorms are common during the winter season. Coupled with wind or critter damage, many homeowners discover a roof leak. It’s imperative that we perform a roof leak replacement to prevent spring’s intense precipitation from further damaging your home.

Roof Shinge Replacement

In the winter, wind roof damage becomes very common. Wind damage can result in missing or lifted roof shingles, which can let outside air into your home and hike up your energy bills. Not to mention, shingles in poor condition invite severe damage to take place as we enter the rainy spring season.

Chimney Flashing Replacement

Chimney flashing can become damaged in the winter as well, resulting in a broken seal that lets precipitation into your home and cause water damage. If your chimney flashing is damaged, it’s best to get it replaced before spring officially arrives.

Spring Also Brings Kingwood Roof Damage, But Roof Replacement By Blue Ribbon Roofing Will Help Keep Your System In Tact

While spring reminds many of flowers, grasses turning green again, and sunnier days, don’t dismiss the season as a damage-free one. In the spring, hail season is at its peak and the climate becomes rainier as hurricane season approaches. Not to mention, gusty winds are especially common in the spring. All of these weather changes can wreak havoc on an already-damaged roof in the Greater Houston area. However, by entrusting our award-winning Houston roofing company with your Kingwood roof replacement, you will enjoy a sturdy roof with renewed protection. If you’d like to check on your roof and reinforce it ahead of the spring, please contact us! We would be happy to assess your roof for damage and perform any necessary roof replacement to keep you safe and comfortable.


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