An insurance adjustor inspecting a roof

How Does Insurance for Kingwood Roof Replacement Work?

Out of all the areas of your home, your roof arguably sustains the most damage. Fortunately, insurance policies cover the cost of a Kingwood roof replacement, whether partially or in full. Not sure where to start with filing your claim? We break down the process so you can get your roof to its best state yet.

What Roof Damage Does Insurance Cover?

Normally, insurance companies will cover damage caused by an accident or natural disaster. In Texas, typhoons and hurricanes are common. A lot of homeowners come to us for Kingwood roof replacement after they experienced a big storm. Roof issues that result from wear and tear are not covered by the typical insurance policy. Old age is also usually not covered.

How Can a Kingwood Roofer Help?

Aside from providing roofing services, Blue Ribbon is also experienced in helping homeowners file insurance claims. Has your area been recently hit by an act of nature? Here are the steps to take to get the payout that you deserve.

Request a Roof Inspection

Contact us to perform a thorough inspection of the damage. Sometimes, not all roofing issues are visible to the untrained eye. By allowing us to inspect your roof, you will have a better idea of the cost for a Kingwood roof replacement before the adjustor assigned to you arrives. We will also answer any questions you may have about the entire process.

File Your Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance provider once you are ready to file your claim. It’s best if you understand the type of insurance you have, as every policy may vary. After processing your claim, the insurance provider will schedule an adjustor to visit your property and give his estimates.

Meet With the Adjustor

A representative of the insurance company known as an adjustor will come to your property to give his estimates on the cost of your Kingwood roof replacement. Make sure you coordinated with Blue Ribbon Roofing beforehand so that a member of our team will be present during the day. We will be there to resolve any concerns the adjustor may have, such as confirming replacement costs, hidden damage, and more.

Receive Your Approval

After you submit all the required paperwork, your insurance provider will contact you if your claim is approved. Once it’s approved, Blue Ribbon will go over the scope of the work with you. When everything is settled, we will start on your Kingwood roof replacement with insurance. You’ll have your roof back in top shape in no time!

Schedule a Kingwood Roof Replacement Today

The advantage of having a Kingwood roofing company by your side when filing an insurance claim is undeniable. We’re here to provide safety in all seasons while keeping your convenience in mind. What’s the Blue Ribbon difference? We educate you throughout the entire process, take ownership of our work, and always do the right thing. Blue Ribbon Roofing is the award-winning roofer you deserve. Request an inspection and Kingwood roof replacement today!


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