Did You Sustain Enough Roof Damage to Warrant a Kingwood Roof Replacement?

Did You Sustain Enough Roof Damage to Warrant a Kingwood Roof Replacement?

Since the beginning of 2022, Kingwood has experienced numerous storms that brought rain, wind damage, hail damage, and even some ice damage. Now, don’t think that Kingwood’s winter weather isn't a cause for worry. In Greater Houston, our roofs are still likely to be damaged by the cold weather. Keep reading to learn how to tell if your home has sustained enough storm roof damage to warrant a Kingwood roof replacement.

Signs Your Home Has Roof Damage That Requires Kingwood Roof Replacement

There are multiple signs that indicate your roof has been damaged by past storms. The most common signs our Houston roofing company sees include:

Curled Roof Shingles

Roof shingle curling is synonymous with severe wind damage. Kingwood experiences wind during most of the hurricane season and even during the spring and winter. If wind speeds pick up (they usually do), this can cause already-damaged roof shingles to start lifting–especially if these shingles are on the corners of your roofing. This spells disaster. Why? Well, corner shingles are the most prone to lifting from gusty winds. If they aren’t secured, they’ll soon tear off and drag nearby shingles with them! The last thing you want is to be missing shingles that are supposed to keep your family safe. If your home sustains enough wind damage, then these curled roof shingles may mean it's time for a Kingwood roof replacement.

Indentations Due to Kingwood Hail Damage

Hail forms when cold upward winds combine with raindrops. As the rain gets stirred in the winds, it grows upon itself into what we know as hailstones. Did you know that it only takes hail the size of a quarter to cause Kingwood roof damage? This is because hailstones fall onto your roof with great force, causing divots and indents on your roofing–even chipping your roof shingle granules. Roof shingle granules are your roof’s outermost layer of protection, so once these are chipped, your roof shingles become more vulnerable and might require Kingwood roof replacement if your roof is exhibiting long-term damage.

Kingwood Roof Leak 

A Kingwood roof leak can occur at any time of the year because it often exists in your home for extended periods of time before you finally spot it. This is why a few complete Kingwood roof inspections throughout the year are helpful. Should we come across a bad leak, we may recommend a Kingwood roof replacement.

Our Kingwood Roofing Company Can Make You and Your Loved Ones Safe Again

If you spot any of the aforementioned types of damage, please contact us. Our Houston roofing company–which services roofs in Kingwood, Mission Bend, Cypress, and more–will find storm damage on your roof and complete a Kingwood roof replacement to reinforce and protect your home.


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