Houston Roof Replacement Insurance Claims

When it comes to getting a Houston roof replacement, you might be wondering what role your roofing insurance has in this process. Generally speaking, your roofing insurance policy may either be a Roof Replacement Cost Value (RCV) policy or an Actual Cash Value (ACV) policy. As top Houston roofing experts, it’s our job to explain what this means for your roof and your wallet.

Houston Roof Replacement Cost Value (RCV) Insurance Policies

RCV coverage is fairly straightforward. If your Houston roof replacement insurance offers this type of coverage, this just means that the insurer will pay you what it would cost to replace your roof.

Actual Cash Value (ACV) Houston Roof Replacement Insurance Policies

ACV roof replacement coverage is a bit more complex. If this is the type of coverage your homeowners’ insurance offers, this means that the insurer will assess the current state of your roof. Rather than paying for a brand new roof, they will pay what your roof is worth at current market value given its current condition, which means you will need to supplement the rest of the cost of your new roof from your own wallet.

Sometimes, Your Houston Roof Replacement Won’t Even Be Covered

Regardless of which type of roofing insuance policy you have, it’s important to know that in certain circumstances, you might not even get any coverage. These circumstances include:

  • Your roof is a certain age
  • You didn’t keep up with maintenance
  • Your insurance policy has certain exclusions that disqualify your roof
  • Failure to report damage on time
  • Improper installation

Timely Houston Roof Replacement is Critical–Don’t Be Forced Under an ACV Policy

Getting a roof replacement as soon as it is deemed necessary is critical regardless of your insurance policy. Did you know that, if you pay for RCV insurance and fail to get your roof replaced within your policy’s timeframe, you will be downgraded to an ACV policy, effectively receiving less coverage than you actually need? 

We want to make sure that you get the adequate coverage for your roof replacement, but to do so, you need the right roofer on your side. We are happy to inspect your roof on a seasonal basis and/or after storms, so that we can help you remain aware of the condition of your roof. By allowing us to keep a close on your roofing, you can file claims in a timely manner and we can make sure that we complete your Houston roof replacement before you are moved to an ACV policy.

Answering Your Questions About Houston Roof Replacement With Insurance

If you do have damage and decide to move forward with a claim, your Blue Ribbon Roofing representative will be there to answer any questions you may have as you file your claim. Generally, once a claim is filed with the insurance carrier, they will contact you with a date and time for their adjustor to inspect the damage. We will make ourselves available for that inspection in case you or the adjustor needs us. We will be there for you every step of the way to answer questions and re-explain anything that you may need clarification on.

Blue Ribbon: Your Roofer For Every Season

Your home is your safe haven, and it’s our job to keep it that way. As your trusted Houston roof replacement company, we’ll keep you and your loved ones safe. We look forward to giving you a roof you can count on all year round.


Sometimes, quality roof work requires financing. We have partnered with Enhancify to better assist our clients in getting the roof care they need. We finance all credit types.


Sometimes, quality roof work requires financing. We have partnered with Enhancify to better assist our clients in getting the roof care they need. We finance all credit types.

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